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Architectural and Engineering Design Group is a professional design firm founded in 1991 as a response to the overspecialization of the construction industry in Southern California. From a home office located in San Marcos, we have established a new approach that combines several different disciplines of study into one complete package to provide a comprehensive view of construction concerns and services for our client.

Led by President Steven B. Norris, the company has been involved in many projects throughout Southern and Northern California. Working from both a design and forensics perspective, we understand both the importance of proper engineering and architectural design as well as the factors that can lead to later problems. Our goal is to provide turn-key engineering and architectural services that address the complex demands and requirements of today's construction and development landscape in a cost-effective manner.

More information about our qualifications and previous projects can be attained by contacting us through email or by phone.

Architectural & Engineering Design Group

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